How to Select the Best Raincoat

Raincoats are an integral piece of clothing that everybody ought to have. The climatic situation nowadays means that rain could start pouring down anytime and you need to be well prepared for such a situation. Many people opt for umbrellas during rainy seasons to shield themselves from the rain. Despite this, you will definitely find your clothes wet since gusts usually make the rain to fall at certain angles or even shift direction from time to time. This is why you need a raincoat.

Umbrellas usually cover your head only but leave your body and clothes exposed to the rain. They don't provide any protection to these regions, especially during heavy rains. They can be blown away or damaged by strong wind too. Raincoats, on the other hand, cover your entire body to give you complete protection even during heavy rains. They keep you dry and hardly any water can penetrate to your clothing.

When its rainy and windy, umbrellas can be damaged quite easy. The same cannot be said of raincoats. You can confidently walk through heavy rains without a drop reaching your clothing. Make sure to purchase the raincoat from a reputable manufacturer because counterfeit products might get damaged during heavy downpour.

The raincoat you purchase should provide sufficient space around your face to enable you to breath easily. You don't want to purchase something that will hinder your breathing and cause discomfort. Always make it a habit to consider any breathing difficulties you might undergo before you choose a raincoat. Never settle for any that can cause suffocation.

Your raincoat shouldn't be so tight. Select one that conforms to your body structure but is also slightly loose since you want to wear it even with heavy clothes on. Tight raincoats will only make you feel uncomfortable while walking. Loose raincoats, on the other hand, will easily let in rain water and make you wet. They are also hard to walk in when the wind gusts are high.

The color of the raincoat also matters a lot. If you are wondering why, then it is because raincoats are used while you are outside and that's why bright colors are preferable. Don't go for dark green, black, or deep blue since it will not be easy for motorists to recognize you at night. Go for bright colors such as orange, yellow, and other neon or fluorescent colors. This will allow you to be visible in case there is a crisis such as power outage brought about by the rain.